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Kristin Dillard » Behavior Specialist/Transition Coordinator Bio

Behavior Specialist/Transition Coordinator Bio

Kristin Dillard, Behavior Specialist/Transition Coordinator, has been in education for 23 years with the last 16 years here at Shepherd ISD.  At the Intermediate School, she taught Special Education students in a variety of settings and provided tutorials for struggling students.  During the last two years as the Behavior Specialist/Transition Coordinator, she has been responsible for training staff members in safe behavior management with a focus on prevention, observing students' behaviors in order to provide teachers with feedback and suggestions, and conducting behavioral analyses and reviews, as well as creating individualized behavior intervention plans.
Kristin holds a BS in Special Education from Illinois State University and as of August, 2016, a Master's in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin University.