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Shepherd ISD Purchasing Procedures and Approved Vendor Lists

Review the points below to be informed of the district purchasing policy. 

1. COOP Vendor List
In an effort to stay in compliance with Texas State Purchasing Laws please order from our approved vendor lists. You can search through the pdf's by pressing 'ctrl' key and 'f' key at the same time. Then type in the vendor name and press enter. This will search through the pdf for you. You may also go to the coop,s website if you wish for a more up to date list and contract information including renewal/expiration date.

2. The business office requires a w-9 form on all vendors for IRS records. Also, it provides us with the necessary information to set up a vendor in our system. It is imperative that the vendors are set up correctly in our system. Incomplete and inaccurate information slows the ordering process and payments to our vendors. 
 3. If your vendor is on a cooperative, but we have never purchased from them , or it has been over 3 years since purchasing from them, you will be required to send them a vendor packet. Available from the business office
4. If interested in viewing or submitting a response to one of our open bids please visit the following link:
   *Having a vendor complete this packet does not automatically make them an approved vendor, but instead provides the necessary information required to begin the process.
 Please help the district as it strives to be in compliance with the Texas State Purchasing Laws.

Purchasing Cooperative Lists:

(For DIR and  TxSmartBuy {formerly known as:Texas State Comptroller} vendor lists, please visit website links)


Purchasing Cooperative Web-links:

(Staff: Visit the links to get contract information and expiration dates)
(Vendors: Visit the links to get info on how to join co-op and current categories up for bid.)
Vendors wishing to do business with Shepherd ISD are encouraged to visit one of the listed purchasing cooperative websites to gain information on how to join the cooperative