Dr. Elizabeth Torres
Coordinator of Special Programs
(936) 628-2924

The Shepherd ISD Bilingual program mission is to implement an educational language experience that provides opportunities to achieve literacy proficiency in Spanish and English. It is designed to prepare students to become high achieving, competent, bilingual students who develop their individual talents and skills ensuring life–long learning and success in a diverse, global society. The Shepherd ISD English as a Second Language (ESL) Department supports the District's mission in assuring all English Learners receive an equitable educational opportunity that addresses the affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs according to federal regulations and state policy.

Shepherd ISD ensures English Learners participate in academically challenging programs that respect and build upon the unique cultural and linguistic attributes they bring to the learning community. 
  • Students will participate in a rigorous academic program.
  • Students will develop high academic and linguistic proficiency in two languages.
  • Students will develop positive cross-cultural attitudes.