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Shepherd ISD Spotlight

Rebecca Ramos - Paraprofessional, Shepherd High School
Nominated by Katrina Thornton

Katrina Thornton says "Rebecca goes above and beyond to serve others without expecting anything in return. She is committed to the students, parents, and community through her willingness to volunteer for any and every event or activity taking place here at Shepherd ISD and outside of the District. Rebecca serves on various committees within the District and for the community. She is a member of the JROTC Booster Club, Athletic Booster Club, and a parent volunteer for the Jr. Class. The JROTC Booster Club is responsible for the concession stand for all home volleyball, softball and baseball games. Rebecca is the member that works every game; she is there to open and close for this organization. She is also actively involved in the Athletic Booster Club for both the Middle School and High School campuses; she holds the office of the Treasury. In addition, she is a parent volunteer for the Jr. class to help them raise money for the prom. As if these organizations aren't enough, Rebecca is now actively involved in the new PPO for Shepherd ISD. As a paraprofessional, she is a great asset to the High School campus. She works daily with our students in the PASS program, she is often asked to be a translator for the front office, as well as, others here on campus. Rebeca does all of this while raising a family". 

Congratulations Mrs. Ramos!!

Susan Schlagel (not pictured), Teacher, Shepherd High School
Nominated by Sarah Dean

Sarah Dean says "Mrs. Schlagel has taught at Shepherd High School for a very long time and deserves to be recognized for consistently offering a challenge to her students. She is an amazing teacher with a challenging subject that is very hard to make “fun” and has an amazing work ethic according to her students. I hear from students comments all the time about how it’s a hard class, but the students are challenged and proud of the accomplishments they achieve in her class. I believe she is overlooked for her hard work and challenging subject material. She definitely deserves to be recognized as a consistently dependable teacher who teaches incredibly well and has high level expectations".

Mrs. Schlagel was unable to attend the pinning ceremony, so accepting the honor in her place was High School principal Daniel Barton.

Congratulations Mrs. Schlagel!!