Shepherd ISD Spotlight


Anthony Fourman, Teacher/Coach, Shepherd High School

Nominated by Coach Cameron Wendel, Coach Chris Elmore, and Coach Jamin Savell.

Coach Cameron Wendel says that Coach Fourman not only exceeds expectations that are required of him through the Pass department at the High School; he goes the extra mile to prepare the young men of Middle School and High School athletics for life after school. All the life lessons that he teaches to his athletes and students are a testament to why he is deserving of the anchor award.

Coach Chris Elmore says that Coach Fourman goes out of his way to hold students to a level of accountability that keeps them challenged and nurtured, but in a comfortable environment. He rises above others with his “never give up” attitude combined with mutual respect and kindness towards his fellow teachers. 

Coach Jamin Savell says that Coach Fourman does a tremendous job doing the little things that people don’t want to do or are unwilling to do. He likes to remain behind the scenes but in reality, is an integral part of our everyday operations not just in athletics but at the high school as well.

Congratulations Coach Fourman!!

Monica Linares, Instructional Aide, Shepherd Primary School

Nominated by Shannon Wallace and Heather Gore 

Shannon Wallace, Director of Special Education, said that Monica Linares exemplifies all that the anchor award represents. she is always positive with students, staff, and parents. Smiling and encouraging all every time she meets them. Like many of our district employees, she has two jobs within the district. She is a transportation aid and an instructional assistant and, in both positions, she exudes excellence. She is on time and dependable. She always looks to see what else she can do in her environment and job to make it even better. She never complains but when issues come up, she is a problem solver. Mrs. Linares goes out of her way to make school a blast for students and staff. She comes up with crafts, takes photos, comes into school after hours, and spends her own money on her school kiddos, all while taking care of her family at home as a single parent and grandmother. Recently, Mrs. Linares led the Hand in Hand/PPCD class for several weeks while their teacher was out on an extended leave. Diapers, snotty noses, and temper tantrums she takes in stride while she leads these little people in songs, ABC's, centers, and circle time. She continues to be a powerful force in this classroom, helping all of its kiddos excel in their first school experience.

Heather Gore, Principal, Shepherd Primary School, said that Mrs. Linares goes above and beyond for students no matter what role she is placed in. This summer she worked as a paraprofessional/secretary during summer school. She jumped in headfirst and did everything that she possibly could to help administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly students. She was waiting for the buses each morning and greeted the students with love and enthusiasm. Administrators, students, and teachers knew that they could count on Mrs. Monica to be here and ready to support them every single day. This school year, the teacher in the classroom where she works has been out unexpectedly, and Mrs. Linares has stepped into the leadership role in that classroom without being asked. She comes up on weekends and stays late to prepare station activities and lessons for “her babies” because she wanted to make sure that they were still getting what they needed while the teacher was out.  She leads other ladies on her team with the most positive attitude. No matter what is going on around her, you can count on her to have a smile on her face and a kind word to say.

Congratulations Mrs. Linares!!