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Shepherd ISD Spotlight

Beginning Monday, August 26, 2019, Shepherd ISD began serving breakfast in the classroom with our Pre-K students. The campus has rearranged their arrival process to accommodate the students arriving directly in their classes first thing in the morning. Breakfast is prepared and delivered to the class promptly beginning at 7:35 am. After further discussion with the campus Principal and teachers the program will be phased in every two weeks with an additional grade level. The entire campus will be having breakfast in the classroom by the second week of October. We are seeing a higher number of participants and know our students have received a nutritious meal prior to starting the instructional day.  
"Shepherd Primary has implemented Breakfast in the Classroom for PreK and Kindergarten students at this time.  The program has been a huge success so far.  We have been feeding an increased number of students each morning and teachers report that the practice is adding to the culture of a "Classroom Family."  We are very pleased with the results that we are seeing from the program.  1st and 2nd grade students will join in very soon as well."
~Shepherd Primary School Principal Heather Gore
Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. Research shows that students benefit from eating breakfast in two primary ways. First, students’ overall dietary health is positively affected by breakfast consumption, particularly meals provided through the School Breakfast Program . Second, there is significant evidence of positive academic effects due to breakfast consumption. Schools experience improvements in standardized test scores and improvements in school attendance in addition to other outcomes that create positive learning environments. Serving school breakfast to all students helps ensure that they are well nourished and ready to learn.
According to www.schoolnutrition.org www.frac.org and Pediatrics magazine the following statements are proven.

1. Students have shown that eating breakfast results in higher test scores.
2. Students who eat breakfast earn, on average, a letter grade higher in math than those who don't according to Pediatrics Magazine.
3. Children who participate in the School Breakfast Program are tardy/absent from school less often.