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Business Office » Purchasing Procedures and Approved Vendor Lists

Purchasing Procedures and Approved Vendor Lists

Shepherd ISD Purchasing Procedures and Approved Vendor Lists

Please review the points below so that you will be informed of the latest district purchasing policy. The state law has not changed but we are stepping up the adherence at the local level in order to be in compliance with the state law.

1. COOP Vendor List
In an effort to stay in compliance with Texas State Purchasing Laws please order from our approved vendor lists. You can search through the pdf's by pressing 'ctrl' key and 'f' key at the same time. Then type in the vendor name and press enter. This will search through the pdf for you. You may also go to the coop,s website if you wish for a more up to date list.

2. Multiple Quotes on non-approved vendors
In the rare occurrence that you need to utilize a non-approved vendor you will be required to supply us 3 quotes or a notarized sole source affidavit.

3. W-9 form used as standardized information form
The business office requires a w-9 form on all vendors, because it provides us with the necessary information to set up a vendor in our system. It is imperative that the vendors are set up correctly in our system because incomplete and inaccurate information slows the ordering process and payments to our vendors. 
      We utilize the W-9 form for the following purposes:
  1. Contracted Services (require a W-9 per the IRS for reporting income)
  2. Products (SISD uses for informational purposes alone)
  3. Services and Products ( Used for companies who may provide services and product to be able to obtain a  1099 at the end of the tax year for services provided)
  4. The following we do not require a w-9 from (information is obtained by other means since company will not require a 1099)
    Professional Organizations
    Any organizations already set up in the system and have information for.
  1. Credit Card Procedures:
        Reserving Hotel Rooms:
             1.  Originator completes requisition as normal 
             2.  Attach room rate information from hotel website
             3.  Attach conference information / documents
             4.  Administrator signs and codes, (then returns to originator)
             5.  Call ahead to verify Business Office staff is available to process your requisition.
            6.  Originator responsible for hand delivering the requisition (completed as stated above) to the Business Office two weeks prior to reservation date.
             7.  Business Office Manager signs request.
             8.  At that time, the originator shall use credit card in Business Office to process their room reservation.
             9.  Then attach reservation documentation/receipt to requisition and return for accounts payable to process your check request.
           10.  Credit card may not leave the Business Office
     Please help the district as it strives to be in compliance with the Texas State Purchasing Laws.